Best Time to Work Relaxation Techniques Hard

Best Time to Work Relaxation Techniques Hard

There are times of particular importance and need when we should work stress techniques hard. Many of these instances will be so charged with energy, mainly negative, it will be a real challenge to do a technique plus handle the situation. This is why we should practice our favorite techniques during the quiet, regular times so we can be really ready to bring them out in the hard spots.

Relaxation techniques are not a cure all, at least if we are beginners or intermediate users. They do: clear our heads, help put things into perspective, sharpen the brain’s executive function, slow things down, open us to intuition and insight, speed our reflexes, reduce our reactivity, add some wise distancing, and open the imagination.

Before Some Important Event – This will clear your head and center you to deal with what is happening in the moment

After Some Important Event – At some point we need to absorb what happened and clear our head so we are ready for what comes next. Relaxation techniques can help us reset.

When We Doing Something Too Much -If we are feeling anxious, fearful, depressed, hyper, or worried, then we are already too energized. When we are too energized we are reacting rather than seeing what is going on and we are moving too fast to realize that we have options.

When the Past Comes Up Trying to Link Our Present to Our Past
Our mind is primed to compare what is happening in the moment with what it already has experienced. When it finds a match, even a very faint match, it serves up what it already knows and have experienced. If it had a early negative experience involving someone who was bossy it will find that same bossy person in anyone who largely or slightly resembles the original offender. Up will come the early emotions that typically are very energetic, filled with those feelings we had at a time we had very little experience with dealing with people and very few psychological defenses. These feelings will be raw and confusing. Relaxation techniques will cut their effect and help us focus on the present, freer from the past.

When Wisdom Tells Us to Reduce Hanging Onto Something
Our emotions may be telling us to hang onto something like anger or sadness but eventually we know that it is time to move on. That is far from easy. To assist a wise move, relaxation can help us release our grasping emotion and it brings our mind away from the emotion towards doing something new.

When We Are Confused – When We Just Feel Out of Sorts or Off
We may not know why we feel this way but we can still do something about it. Relaxation techniques that bring us back to our body and simplify our experience help us center us. Centering can give us a feeling that we are more in self-control of our feelings and more ready to handle what is happening in the moment.

When We Are Tired But We Have Had Plenty of Sleep
Our unconscious can tie-up our energy in worries, sadness, etc. so much so we feel a fatigue we can’t explain. Relaxation can release these knots and when that happens energy returns.

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