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The Stress Grind Spectrum

The Stress Grind Spectrum Stress is here. Sometimes it is so thick we can’t see anything else. Other times, a faint, invisible film hangs over our lives, brains, and bodies. We can think of stress along a spectrum of experience that ranges from the chronic to the acute. Within that range are general sub-states that vary based on whether we are aware that we are in a stress condition and what we are trying to do about the situation. Across the entire spectrum, stress…

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What Goes Wrong at Work – The SCARF Model

What Goes Wrong at Work – The SCARF Model

single treffen friedrichshafen No, you are not going crazy. No, you are not being overly sensitive. No, you are not exaggerating. The SCARF Model proves it. Hats off to David Rock for his fantastic work on capturing the core stressors at work. Not only does have it down to a short list but he back’s it up with neuroscience. The hope is, that with training, managers will see for themselves the real downward effects of putting stressor after stressor on us, their workforce….

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The Big 4 Stress Types

The Big 4 Stress Types

Web Site There are a few other sources of stress but here are the biggies: Threat – “Am I going to lose my job.” “God, I think he wants a divorce.” “What am I going to do?” Anything that pokes at something near and dear to us (consciously or unconsciously) and shows the possibility of losing that precious thing, is a threat. Threat is not just a gun in the ribs, it can be the loss of anything we value. Thwart –… Read More Read More