moved here join benfotiamine uk 6If you are in the Washington, D.C. area, join us:  bactroban canada Monthly – The Mind-Body Wellness Studio /  Stress Reduction for Busy People

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Check Out Your URL buy letrozole zoom out What we will do at this meeting:

30 dating 20 year old Stress Reduction for Busy People presents specific how-to-do it instructions

  • Imagery…why it is important and how to do it
  • Body awareness thru layered body observing
  • How to train yourself to cut the b.s. for less stress
  • How to do the most popular forms of meditation
  • How to get centered fast and get out of overwhelm, uncomfortable feelings Mind-Body Studio concentrates how to:

  • Discover how your body reacts to your thoughts and feelings
  • Discover how your mind reacts body states (i.e. relaxation, sickness, tiredness, etc.
  • How to get your unconscious to work with you and you with your unconscious
  • How to work with pain control
  • How to prepare for medical procedures
  • How to think about illness

websites Stress Reduction for Busy People/Mind-Body Wellness Studio is open to all ages….no heavy movement or heavy sweating required. In fact, most of what we do is internal stuff like self-observation, relaxing, self-talk, imagery….stuff like that. Informal and relaxed (of course).

frame Our Location (2nd Floor):

Sacred Circle Books, 919 King St., Alexandria, VA More About Mind-Body Wellness Studio: Evidence is showing that the connection between mind and body is absolutely crucial for wellness, hitting health goals, making major decisions, balancing our life activities, calming and focusing, and incorporating positive approaches to life.

Join us each month to learn and experience a variety of mind/body wellness approaches such as: stress management for on-the-go and for going very deep into relaxation; using at-home biofeedback; finding the best guided imagery; making self-guided belief change; working with the unconscious; listening to the body; coordinating mind and body; and more.

check this link right here now Instructor: Gary Goodwin has been trained by mind/body organizations including James Gordon’s Center for Mind/Body Medicine, the Academy for Guided Imagery, Center for Healing and Imagery, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and MentorCoach, and has been teaching small groups and individuals since 1989. Free ($5 donations are appreciated). Open to all as a drop-in meeting. No registration is needed. For more info, e-mail:

diclofenac gel uk Find Out More at Our Meetup Listing (note: you don’t need to be a member of Meetup to attend these gatherings; simply show up at the appointed place, time, and date.):


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