We Need to Leave the Planet

We Need to Leave the Planet

The planet is our:

– social self
– self-image
– self-demands

The way we leave is not really by rocket ship; that would be way too fast, but through steady (and hard) work of learning to disengage at will. This work feels less like rocket travel and more like running in quicksand, at least for the first 1000 times we try it.

I might add here, getting off the planet does not mean permanently nor irresponsibly. I’m talking about leaving the world for 5 to 30 minutes or perhaps for a slow Sunday afternoon.

Our social self is the inner and outer connections and obligations we have to others, real and imagined. That can be from very real caretaking to holding conversations in our head as we walk down the street. We are more than our social connections and our social usefulness.

We are more than our self-image. That has mostly been thrown together in our early years from a little of this (what our parents and siblings told us), a little of that (what our grade school peers told us), and that (what media told us when we were teenagers). No matter how comprehensive or detailed, self-images are incomplete and inaccurate.

We are more than the demanding inner chatter that fills our head and hearts. Some of that comes from society, and some come from desires, wishes, and internal tendencies that press us without asking us.

Blasting off from earth involves determination to take a break from all of the above and to move into uncharted spaces. These spaces are us just being very simple and very open to the moment. Instead of turning to society, our self-image, or our inner demands for guidance on what to do next, we leave things ill-defined and just hang out in a more relaxed place. When earthly needs come up, we simply let them go and return to space.

Space is not empty in our experience. It is filled with a sense of: flexibility, freedom, ease, possibility, newness, simplicity, self-worth in an ultimate, grander sense, and more.  Space allows to be big again, not squashed down with the weight of the world we have just left.

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